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Neoprene Dog Jackets –the One-Stop-Shop Outdoor Solution for your Canine
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Neoprene Dog Jackets –the One-Stop Outdoor Solution for your Canine

Neoprene is one of the best materials for a dog jacket because it is buoyant, lightweight, waterproof and windproof. Because neoprene dog jackets act as a protective dog vest, dog rain coat and dog life jacket in one, they are a great choice for any active dog who likes being outdoors!

Wetsuit Technology
Neoprene can be used as a mild floatation device is because it incorporates the same material used in wetsuits. It can also adapt to both heat and cold giving it the ability to be an extra-warm dog coat and cooling jacket at the same time. As well as protecting from the wind and rain, it is also soft, flexible and lightweight.

Year-Round Use
Because of all these adaptive qualities, the neoprene dog jacket is ideal for year-round use and can protect virtually any dog breed from the elements. It is also a wise choice to pack when going on a weekend trip with your dog--it'll likely be the only garment you’ll need for whatever activity suits you and your canine’s fancy.

The neoprene jacket is a one-stop-shop garment for your pooch –regardless of whether they are super-active or simply enjoy a Sunday stroll.


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