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Mission Possible: Find Winter Dog Coats to Protect your Pooch
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Mission Possible: Find Winter Dog Coats to Protect your Pooch

Your Mission:
Dog owners; your mission if you choose to accept it, is to outfit your pooch in the best winter dog coats. Because this task is no simple assignment, we have provided a situation analysis and list of challenges you’ll face as you strive to choose the warmest winter dog coat on the market.

Situation Analysis:
Not all dog breeds are created similarly and differ in thousands of ways. Only a select few are created to pull sleds in Alaska and live amid snow and ice. Less hairy pooches like Chihuahuas, Weimaraners, Boxers, Whippets and Greyhounds cannot brave the bone-chilling temperatures of the wild winter landscape without extra protection.

Your challenge is to protect the young, old, lean, little and less hairy dogs from sub-zero temperatures-–temperatures that can harm their vital organs, lower their energy levels and make their extremities stiff. Therefore, you must find a winter dog jacket with the following points of difference:
• Full torso coverage –from neck to tail
• Fleece-lined interior for ventilation and comfort
• Insulated underbelly to cover vital organs
• Snug fit with adjustable straps
• Water-resistant to minimize wetness
• Option of neck coverage or hood option

Your victory will come when you find dog winter coats and booties exhibiting the above-mentioned attributes. Once you've reached your goal, you will your mission will be complete and you pup will be grateful for being warm and toasty on their next winter outing.


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